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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Free Avon Shipping Code Online for 2014|Buy Avon Online

Get Avon Free Shipping Codes for 2014

One of the best things about my Avon business is my free Avon website. I love sharing the Avon coupon codes to my online customers.  As an Avon eRepresentative, I can sell Avon cosmetics to customers all over the USA. My Online Avon Store never closes as it is open 24/7 in the USA.  My online customers buy Avon online in the USA whenever it is convenient for them. They can shop Avon at work, home, as they travel; anywhere they have internet access on their computer or phone. The Avon products are shipped right to their front door.  What is even better is when I have free Avon shipping codes.  Most people would rather shop from home and get free Avon shipping online. It is so convenient, fast, and easy!  

Free Avon Catalog Request? Register on my Avon Website and subscribe to my Avon emails. Good News! Avon is now giving complimentary Avon brochures. During the checkout process of placing an online Avon order, you will be given the opportunity to receive a free Avon catalog. See below on how to get your free Avon books.

    Free Avon catalog request

    Avon Mark catalog online

    Current AVON Coupon Code

    Avon Coupon Code on Pinterest

    Follow my Avon Pinterest Board for the latest Avon Coupon Codes for Avon free shipping and Avon discounts.

    Buy Avon Online with free Avon shipping.

    Avon Free Shipping on $35 Orders Every Day

    My Avon Gift to You!
    20% off $50 Orders with Code THANKYOU20 or WELCOME
    Single Use Only
    Direct Delivery Orders
    No Expiration Date 


    Use Avon free shipping code SPCART12 for $10 orders (one time use only). There are also many other Avon free shipping codes that will work for orders over $35. To receive an email of all new Avon Free Shipping Codes register on my site http://www.youravon.com/mbertsch.

    Buy Avon online from home and get your Avon products delivered to your home free of charge. Your Avon products are 100% guaranteed so always keep the packing slip for details on how to return items and receive credit from Avon. Avon also provides a label to return the items. Call Avon Customer Care 1-866-500-2866 for Avon orders questions or problems.

    You can view the current Avon catalogs and buy Avon products on my Online Avon Store. If you would like to be on my Avon mailing list to receive Free Avon Brochures/Catalogs, please email me your name and address. I will mail the current Avon brochures/catalogs to you. As this does cost me money, I will drop your name from the list if you do not buy Avon online from my website.

    You can get each of my Avon posts emailed to you by subscribing to my Avon blog emails located in the upper right corner of this blog. You will then be informed of some of the Best Current Avon Sales and Products. 

    Thanks so much for your business. Happy Shopping! Have Fun Buying Avon Online!

    Mary Bertsch
    Independent Avon Sales Rep/Unit Leader

    Buy Avon Online from the current 2014 Avon Brochure/Catalog/Book HERE! 
    Sign up to Sell Avon for $15 with reference code mbertsch HERE!

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