Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Avon's Top 3 Best Sellers


Avon's Top 3 Best SellersANEW ULTIMATE Age Repair Day Cream

Avon Anew Ultimate Age Repair is Avon's number 1 best seller during the summer months for a good reason. This is a very popular cream that restores youthful vitality that last all day while providing sun protection. A study shows that after only 4 weeks 80% of women that tried this had improvements in cushion, age spots, and fine wrinkles.

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SKIN SO SOFT Original Bath Oil

Avon's Top 3 Best Sellers

For only $20.00 you can have this customer favorite. Skin So Soft speaks for itself and is the bath oil all the others are trying to duplicate. Replenish your stock today or try it for the first time and find out why everyone raves about this product.


ANEW CLINICAL Advanced Wrinkle Corrector

Avon's Top 3 Best Sellers
It is no surprise that two Anew products are in the top 3 of the Avon best sellers. The Anew product line is a leader in skin care because the products work and are affordable. The secret has gotten out and now everyone is running to Anew. The ANEW CLINICAL Advanced Wrinkle Corrector starts rebuilding collagen in as little as 48 hours. Don't just take my word for it go to the Avon website and read the reviews.

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