October 15, 2012

Looking for Avon Representative in My Area? Want to Buy or Sell Avon?

Are you looking for an Avon Representative in My Area? Is it hard to find an Avon Representative? If you are looking for an Avon Representative near me, I would love to service your Avon needs.

Avon has changed over the years. It is, however, still the number one direct selling business in the US. In years past Avon Representatives or Avon Ladies would ring your doorbell saying, "Avon Calling!". Avon Representatives would have territories and would leave Avon brochures at every door in their Avon territory. These Avon Ladies would deliver your Avon to your home and bring a basket of all of the new Avon products for you to view, touch, and smell. Some Avon Ladies today still sell door-to-door. I actually sell Avon in my area with personalized service. I love meeting and helping my customers.

Today Avon has offered another new way to sell Avon. Avon gives their Avon Representatives a free Avon website and the Avon Reps are called eRepresentatives. Customers can view the entire Avon Brochure or eBrochure online at the eRepresentatives Avon website. I enjoy selling Avon online also. Some of my customers prefer to order Avon online and have the products sent directly to their home. It is great to give my customers the option of personal delivery or direct delivery of their Avon orders. To view my Avon.com website go to this link

Has you Avon Lady stopped selling Avon? Are you a stranded Avon customer? Don't bother looking for an Avon Representative in Your Area. I would love to be your Online Avon Lady. You can shop my Online Avon Store from your home in any state of the United States. I do live in Loveland, Colorado, but I currently have online customers in almost every state of the USA. Join my happy online customers by shopping Avon Online. By registering on my online Avon site, you will receive immediate updates on new Avon sales, new Avon products, current Avon brochures, and current Avon coupon codes for Avon free shipping.
You can Register on my Avon eRepresentative website Here.

If you are looking for an Avon Representative in my area or any state of the USA, I would be honored to have you as a customer. Finding an area Avon Representative can be hard and frustrating but I am here to stay. I have been an Avon Representative and Unit Leader for 5 years and don't plan on quitting. View my entire Avon eBrochure now.

Sell Avon
Do you want to sell Avon? If you want to start your own Avon business in your state, send me an email or join Avon online.
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 Thanks for considering to be my Avon customer. If you have any questions about the Avon products, please send me an email. Don't forget about the great Avon Guarantee!

Your Avon Lady,


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