September 30, 2013

Avon Lookbooks launch on Catalog Spree|Shop Avon from iPhone and iPad

Avon Lookbooks Launch on Catalog Spree

Shop Avon from Mobile Devices iPhone and iPad



What is Catalog Spree?

Catalog Spree is a catalog shopping app for your iPhone and iPad. This is a great app to shop all your favorite catalogs in one place. How fun is this! It is like having your shopping mall on your mobile iPhone and iPad.  You can shop any catalog 24/7.

What is Catalog Spree's New Beauty Department?

On September 23, 2013, Catalog Spree launched their new Beauty Department by adding lookbooks for Avon,, Sephora, Bliss, The Body Shop and more. The lookbooks allow users to flip through the books and view and shop their favorite beauty products. There are over 350 lookbooks and also digital catalog to view.

How can I download Catalog Spree on my iPhone and iPad?

There are only a few easy step to download the Catalog Spree on your iPhone and iPad.
  1. Go to the App Store and click Free Download to install iTunes.
  2. Download Catalog Spree on the App Store.
  3. Tap the Download icon and open Catalog Spree.
  4. You can also open Beauty Department for Catalog Spree from your web browser at

Why Sign up for Catalog Spree?

  • Choose the catalogs you want to see at your digital mall
  • Get free gift codes to store you shop
  • Choose your favorite brands
  • Hide the catalogs you don't shop at
  • Save your favorite products
  • Create and you own shopping lists

  • How Do I Shop Avon from Catalog Spree?

    To Shop Avon from Catalog Spree on your iPad or iPhone go to  To shop my Avon Representative Store go to to register.

    Complete the registration form as below.

    Click Find

     Click Select

    You will then be on the Avon Representative Site for Mary Bertsch. Register on my Avon site and then each time you shop the Avon Lookbook at Catalog Spree you will be directed to by Avon site.  I will be your online Avon Lady. You may ask me any Avon product questions by email.

    Shopping Avon from your iPad or iPhone will be so easy and fun. Enjoy your digital shopping of all these great beauty stores.

    To view and shop my Avon Store from your computer go to
    To view and shop my Avon Store from your iPad or iPhone go to


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