March 7, 2014

Avon Daylight Savings Time - Free Shipping - 20% Discount

Avon Daylight Savings Time

Avon Free Shipping + 20% Discount 

Avon has a great deal for you this weekend! Is anyone ready for spring? After a long cold snowy winter, check out the Avon Daylight Savings Time deal. Shop from the comfort of your home and earn 20% discount and Avon free shipping on your $50 online Avon order. Use the Avon coupon code DAYLIGHT14 to get this Avon free shipping offer. Buy Avon online today and enjoy these great savings on your beauty products. Avon Daylight Savings Time offer ends March 10, 2014 at midnight. Select direct delivery at checkout.

Avon Daylight Savings time offer earns you 20% discount and Avon free shipping.
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