October 3, 2014

Avon Catalog Campaign 23 - Avon Cosmetics Catalog


Avon Cosmetics Catalog


Shopping beauty fashion is very important for women today. With the economy as it is, everyone is looking for beauty fashion bargains. Here is a quick beauty tip: Think Beauty Think Avon. The Avon cosmetics catalog comes out every two weeks with a new Avon campaign. Take a peek at the latest Avon Catalog Campaign 23. You will be amazed at all of the beauty fashion bargains Avon has just for you. Avon online shopping is easy, fast and offers exclusive online discounts.

Avon Catalog Campaign 23 - Avon Cosmetics Catalog

Avon Catalog Campaign 23 online shopping begins October 10, 2014 and ends October 23, 2014. The good news is that you can always back order from Avon brochures. Shop Avon catalog 23 until November 20, 2014 by shopping Avon quick item entry.

How to Get Avon Free Shipping Code


Avon offers free shipping on all Avon Catalog Campaign 23 purchases of $35 or more. No Avon coupon code is required. For Avon online shopping of orders under $35 there is a flat rate charge of $5.95. For Avon cosmetics catalog online orders in Alaska there will be an additional handling charge of 15%. Buy Avon in Hawaii and you will be charged an additional handling fee of 12%. The minimum shipping charge to Hawaii and Alaska is $7. Unfortunately, we can not ship Avon products outside of the 50 states in the USA. To purchase Avon from another country, click on Select a Country in the footer. However, customers in the Caribbean and Guam can buy Avon products from a US Avon rep. To learn about all new Avon coupon codes for free shipping and discounts, register to receive emails on my Avon rep site.

Avon Catalog Campaign 23 Highlights


Avon Skin Care Beauty Product


Avon Bath Products

Avon Christmas Gifts


Avon Halloween Products




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Avon Catalog Campaign 21 2014 until 10/23/14

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 Avon Catalog Campaign 23 2014 until 11/20/14

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