December 26, 2014

New Avon Moisture Therapy | Derma Soothing

New Avon Moisture Therapy 

Derma Soothing Body Lotion and Body Wash

Moisture Therapy Derma Soothing

The new Avon Moisture Therapy Derma Soothing is suitable for eczema prone skin. This gentle mild formula provides soothing relief. It is fragrance and dye free. It is hypoallergenic and accepted by the National Eczema Association.
  • Moisture Therapy Derma Soothing Body Wash--Step 1 is to gently wash while soothing the dryness associated with eczema skin. It contains vitamin E, aloe and chamomile.
  • Moisture Therapy Soothing Body Lotion--Step 2 is using this effective lotion to smooth rough, dry skin. With use Derma Soothing lotion will brighten dull skin, improve dry, flaky skin, and rehydrate dry, parched skin. Read the expert reviews by Siming Chen, Ph.D., manager of Avon Global Research and Development in the Avon brochure.

Avon Moisture Therapy Derma Soothing

New Avon Moisture Therapy

See the new packaging for Avon Moisture Therapy. Avon has added the built in application pump for the body lotions. Just what our customers have been asking for! See all the Avon Moisture Therapy products to calm your dry skin during the cold winter months.

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