May 20, 2015

Avon Skin Care Treatment - Affordable, Effective

Avon Skin Care Treatment

Affordable Effective

Avon Skin Care Treatment - Affordable, Effective

Learn about the affordable and effective Avon skin care treatment regimens. Find out what you skin type is. Are you aware of the seven deadly skin sins? Learn what you must avoid in order to have youthful skin at age 80. I will teach you how to find the perfect Avon skin care product for your daily skin care regimen. Let's get going as I walk you through the easy steps of Avon skin care treatment.

Avon Anew History

The history of Avon Anew started in 1992 and became known as the first brand with the Alpha Hydroxy Acid technology. Avon became known as the forefront of skin care innovation. Their state-of-the-art research labs continue throughout the years to pursue affordable and effective skin care products. View the Avon skin care timeline as it progresses to the present.

Different Skin Types

Layers of Skin

You will need to start your Avon skin care regimen by knowing your skin type. Skin covers your entire body and is the body's largest organ. If you care for your skin properly, you will look and feel your best. The skin is made of up three layers:
  • Epidermis - Outer layer of sin where signs of aging are visible
  • Dermis - Middle layer of the skin that produces collagen and elastin
  • Hypodermis - Bottom layer of skin consisting of subcutaneous fat. It contains blood vessels and nerves.

Avon Skin Care Treatment - Affordable, Effective

Know Your Skin Type

In order to properly take care of your skin you need to know your skin type. There are four skin types. Take a moment to read through these skin types so you can choose the right Avon Anew skin care regimen.

  • Dry - Irritated and tight after cleansing - Looks flaky - tendency toward fine lines and wrinkles
  • Normal - Clear appearance - even coloring - neither tight nor greasy - high degree of elasticity
  • Combination - Dryness on cheeks and shiny appearance on nose and forehead 
  • Oily - Shiny appearance and enlarged pores - rough - prone to blackheads and blemishes

Avon Skin Care Treatment - Affordable, Effective

Seven Deadly Skin Sins

Do you want to have young looking skin at the age of 80? Learn the secrets and what to avoid. Everyone wants to stay looking young but our skin ages from the time we are born.  If you want to look youthful longer, avoid these seven deadly skin sins
  1. The Sun - It dries skin, thickens the epidermis and slows down cell renewal which leads to fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Smoking - Deprives skin of nutrients and oxygen which weakens collagen and elasticity.
  3. Stress and Lack of Sleep - Leads to dryness, sensitivity, acne and excess oil.
  4. Pollution - They coat skin with grime that blocks pores. Leads to wrinkles and roughness.
  5. Facial Expressions - Frowning, smiling, squinting cause skin fibers to slacken and creases to appear.
  6. Everyday Diet - Junk food wrecks your skin. Healthy diets result in healthier skin.
  7. Sleep Position - Side Sleeping causes lines on your chin and cheeks. Sleeping face down causes lines on your forehead. Sleeping on your back is the best for your skin.

Avon Skin Care Treatment - Affordable, Effective

Avon Skin Care Quiz

Avon Skin Care Treatment - Affordable, Effective

Now that you know your skin type and the seven deadly skin sins let me help you choose the right Avon skin care treatment. First select your answers to the questions on the left column of the Avon skin care quiz above. Note the colors on your answers. The pink is for Avon Anew Vitale, the red is for Avon Anew Reversalist, the purple is for Avon Anew Platinum, and the gold is for Avon Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance. Choose the best Avon skin care treatment by matching the color with the product. Sometimes you may have to try the small trial size of the skin care product to see which one works the best for you. Now I will tell you a little bit about each of the Avon Anew skin care regimens.

Avon Anew Skin Care Regimens

Even though everyone ages differently due to genetics, health and lifestyle, one thing remains the same. To achieve the best results for your skin type you must follow a consistent Avon Anew skin care regimen. This is where Avon makes it easy for you. With Avon's state-of-the-art skincare you will get the best affordable and effective skin care products.

Follow this easy four step Avon skin care routine:
  1. Cleanse - Avon Skin Care Cleansers eliminates excess oil and debris. (Morning and Evening) Apply gently to face and rinse with warm water. 
  2. Treat and ExfoliateAnew Clinical treatments target specific skin concerns. (Morning and Evening) Apply Avon skin care treatment after cleansing.
  3. Moisturize - Avon Skin Care Day Moisturizer with SPF hydrates and protects against sun. Anew Night moisturizer repairs and rejuvenates. (Morning and Evening) Apply with small circular movements.
  4. Eye - Anew Eye Treatment and Creams correct appearance of dark circles, puffiness, sagging or crow's feet. (Morning and Evening) Apply gently with ring finger starting at the inner corner of the eye and moving outward. Then apply above the eye and below the brow.

Anew Anti-Aging Brands

Avon Anew Vitale Regimen

Avon Skin Care Treatment - Affordable, Effective

Avon Skin Care Treatment:
  • Age: 20-30
  • Signs: First signs of aging-dullness, uneven skin tone, loss of radiance, puffiness and tired-looking eyes

Avon Anew Reversalist Regimen

Avon Skin Care Treatment - Affordable, Effective

Avon Skin Care Treatment:
  • Age: 40
  • Signs: More serious signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, Fine lines and dullness in eye area

Avon Anew Platinum Regimen

Avon Skin Care Treatment - Affordable, Effective

Avon Skin Care Treatment:
  • Age: 50's 60's
  • Signs: Sagging skin on face and neck, deep facial wrinkles, deep wrinkles around the eyes and lips

Avon Anew Ultimate Multi Performance Regimen

Avon Skin Care Treatment - Affordable, Effective

Avon Skin Care Treatment:

  • Age: Multiple Ages
  • Signs: Multiple signs of aging including uneven texture, loss of clarity, uneven skin tone and overall fine wrinkles, eye area aging and wrinkles

Avon Anew Clinical Regimen

Avon Skin Care Treatment - Affordable, Effective

Avon Skin Care Treatment:
  • Age: All Ages
  • Signs: Targets specific skin problems

I hope you enjoyed learning about the affordable and effective Avon skin care treatments that are available. The beauty of a skin care regimen is consistency. I would love to be your online Avon representative. I am always available to answer any questions by email, phone or text. If you don't like to order online, I am willing to place your order for you. I will have your Avon products shipped right to your home. Hope to hear from you soon! Happy shopping the Avon catalog for all of your skin care products.

 Thanks for your Avon Orders!

Your Online Avon Sales Representative and Lady,

Mary Bertsch


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