June 1, 2015

Stop the Skincare Madness Start Avon Anew

Stop the Skincare Madness Start Avon Anew

Avon Skin Care Tips

For thousands of years women have experimented with different anti-aging skin care routines. Finding the right skincare treatment has been a priority for women. View the different skincare treatments throughout the years.

  • Ancient Egypt - Milk and honey facial
  • Ancient Greeks - Seaweed mask technique
  • Land of the Rising Sun - Bird poo facials
  • Middle Ages - Women would lick amethyst and spread it on their face to achieve a youthful look
  • 20th Century - Women would wear tin foil masks or go through radium treatments
  • Today - Baby food facials, bee venom masks, kitty litter facials, leech face masks, and oxygen masks are used to fight anti-aging.
Today women can stop the skincare madness. Start Avon Anew skin care routine, an affordable and effective daily regimen. By consistently using the Avon Anew products, women have seen improvement with fine lines, wrinkles, uneven complexion, and dry skin.

Stop the Skincare Madness by Starting Avon Anew

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