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How to Join Avon 2018

How to Join Avon 2018 - Become an Avon Rep 2018 - Sign up to sell Avon online

Are you searching for how to join Avon in 2018? You probably have read many pros and cons on becoming an Avon rep. I have been an Avon Rep for 10 years and I can honestly tell you that it has become a very profitable business for me. Let me tell you a little bit about the amazing incentives and earnings opportunities that Avon offers.

Today Avon Reps can earn from 20% - 50% on face-to-face sales and online sales. I think that is pretty awesome! Remember we don't have to pay rent for a store or pay employees. Every rep even gets a free personal Avon website where they can sell to anyone in the USA.

Read on to learn my view of why you should become an Avon Rep.

How to Join Avon 2018

Avon Kickstart Incentive 2018 - Earn $1000

At present we have a Kickstart incentive for new reps where you can earn over $1,000 in 90 days by achieving your goals. Who doesn't need an extra $1,000 right now? By following the easy steps for 7 campaigns you will earn 40% on your sales PLUS $200 bonus. Share the Avon fun with others and earn $50 for each new team member. 

Avon Kickstart Incentive 2018

How much do you earn if you don't meet these goals? How much do you earn after the incentive ends? You will earn according to the Earnings Chart below from 20% to 40%. Your earnings depend on your sales level for each campaign. (Campaign = 2 week period)

Avon Earnings Chart 2018

President's Club Level

The goal of all Avon Reps is to achieve the 1st sales level - President's Club by selling over $10,000 in one year (Campaign 1 - Campaign 26). During the next year these reps earn from 40% - 50% on beauty and jewelry and 25% on fashion and home.

Avon President's Club Earnings Chart

Avon Representative Fees

Avon has a One Simple Fee to cover the costs of shipping your orders. Reps charge each of their customers a minimal charge of only $.75 per order. You can see how this will easily help cover your shipping expense. 

Every business has expenses. Since the Avon Brochure is your storefront, getting these in front of as many people as you can is how you get customers and sales. The brochures can be purchased in packs of 10. See the Avon Brochure Price Chart below. Buy more and save!

Avon Brochure Cost

Avon Brochure Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Sell Avon

The minimum cost to start selling Avon is $25. However, there are 3 Avon Starter Kits to choose from ($25, $50 or $100).  You will get Avon Catalogs for your first 2 campaigns in each kit.
  • $25 Quick Starter Kit - 40 Brochures (20 for each campaign) + 4 Full-Size Products + Skin Care Samples + More Sales Tools + Free Online Training + Free Personal Website
  • $50 Advanced Starter Kit - 40 Brochures (20 for each campaign) + 10 Full-Size Products + 53 Beauty Samples + More Sales Tools + Free Online Training + Free Personal Website
  • $100 Premium Starter Kit - 60 Brochures (30 for each campaign) + 16 Full-Size Products + 93 Beauty Samples + Avon Tote Bag ($100 value) + More Sales Tools + Free Online Training + Free Personal Website
Click here to view the Avon Starter Kits.

Is Selling Avon Worth It?

Yes, Absolutely! I'm Mary Bertsch and I've been an Independent Avon Sales Representative for 10 years. This past year of 2017 I achieved for the first time the 5th level of sales with Avon, President's Council, by selling over $110,000. My total sales for 2017 was over $150,000. This was so exciting for me! My husband and I will be enjoying an all-inclusive paid trip to Disney World in Florida for the National Recognition Celebration. How did I do it? By consistent hard work and great customer service. Check out my Avon Story, Is Selling Avon Worth it?

If you are ready to start your own journey with Avon, I would love to have you join my team. Many Avon Reps have retired leaving stranded customers looking for another Avon Lady. That could be you! With today's technology, selling Avon online is a fast-paced way to earn money. Do you love social media or writing blogs? Check out how I sell online by marketing my Avon blogs, Think Beauty Today and Beauty with Mary. Are you ready to get started? 

Everyone has different talents! Check out which personality or talent you have that you could use to sell Avon. Are you a Makeup Junkie? Fashion Lover? Skincare Specialist? Health & Wellness Advocate?

  • Wear it! 
  • Use it!
  • Talk about it! 
  • Make How-To You-Tube Tutorials! 
  • Take photos and publish on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and any Social Media site you are on. 
  • Write blog posts.
The ways to sell Avon are endless. You can get started in less than 5 minutes by Joining Avon Online today.

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How to Join Avon 2018


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